If you feel uncomfortable because of missing, crushed or discoloured teeth, it's time to change that. Contact our clinic today, so you can smile comfortably again! Remember that the prosthetic treatment is not only an aesthetic improvement of existing teeth but first of all, restores what is lost. The lack of teeth affects not only change in the appearance of your face. The absence of even one tooth contributes to the occlusal abnormalities. This includes, the passive eruption of opposing teeth thereby exposing their roots, hence a strong sensitivity to cold and heat. In addition, it can lead to changes in the oral cavity, such as panning or tilting of the adjacent teeth. The excessive burden on the remaining teeth consequently increases the risk of further tooth loss. Moreover, the temporomandibular joints become affected by the loss of one of more teeth. This makes the jaw function improperly that can cause the disappearance of the bones at the site of deficiency as well as headaches. Therefore, the reconstruction of teeth through the use of prosthetics should be treated as soon as possible in order to prevent further problems. Our experienced dentists will rebuild broken or damaged teeth as well as improving the appearance of discoloured teeth. At our surgery, we use cutting-edge technology so you will get shiny white teeth quickly and pain-free.

We offer:

  • Crowns, bridges, metal and gold veneered
  • All-ceramic crowns, bridges, veneers
  • Crowns, bridges zirconia
  • Reconstruction implants (also All-on-4)
  • Removable settling (acrylic dentures complete and partial)
  • Removable metal - dentures (also on latches)
  • Removable implant
  • Cartridges crown-root of fiberglass or the individual metal inlays and inlay, onlay type