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Prevention is crucial not only in medicine, also in dentistry. At our clinic, experienced doctors will assess the state of your teeth and indicate further treatment. »


For proper diagnosis and monitoring of treatment, it is necessary to take radiographs. This will show early detection of tooth decay, lack of tooth buds, supernumerary »


Your teeth are our priority. Therefore, having implants fitted will be our last resort. With the use of new generation equipment, we are able to treat »


If you feel uncomfortable because of missing, crushed or discoloured teeth, it's time to change that. Contact our clinic today, so you can smile comfortably again! »


The smile is important in their private and professional lives. It affects the look and feel. There is no age limit to start treatment, but the »


Dental care allows you to take care of your beauty and health at the same time. Healthy, white teeth improve our self-esteem, appearance and well-being. But »